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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Liberals pulled the race card in many areas of argument for the last 40 years. It was used to justify the billions that have been spent on busing to give minority children the opportunity to attend suburban schools, and to bus suburban kids into the inner city schools to “balance the scales”.The result of unintended consequences is that our public schools are turning out graduates that cannot read or write to the level that they should, and mathematics is a lost skill. Without a calculator most public school high school graduates cannot make change when presented with a $20 bill.

Bi-lingual mandates for schools,election ballots and government offices, to mention just a few, was used to not “leave behind”
those who could not speak English. Never mind assimilation and learning the language of the Country that allows them to live here.

Then in the later part of the twentieth century the buzz word became “diversity”. Liberals referred to the melting pot that America was in the days of our great grandparents and grandparents. They refer to the time when Italians, Irish, English, Germans and other European immigrants flooded this country. They point out that this is a country of immigrants, and we should welcome the legal and illegal Mexicans, Haitians and Central Americans, who have come here by the millions, by allowing them to keep speaking their native language in schools and the work place. If we do not, we are looked upon as RACISTS who don’t want them here.

The main difference is that those who immigrated in the 19th and early 20th century made sure their children learned the English language. They had to, or they could not be assimilated in the work force and prosper in this country.
The new immigrants tend to gather in “ghettos” of like speaking people, that even have their street signs printed in Spanish.

Now we are presented with Obama’s first selection for a seat on the Supreme Court. His selection is a like minded person that thinks her Hispanic heritage and experiences make her more qualified than a White male would be! Obama’s selection, and announcement of his choice, suggests that the president is well aware of her views and attitudes, and that she personifies his views of how the courts should dispense justice. Empathy has become the “buzz” word for ruling in favor of minorities over White people! Thus Obama has essentially removed the blindfold from “Lady Justice”!

There is no doubt Sotomayor has the judicial credentials, and educational qualifications, but it is the baggage she might have in her mind that concerns me.
Has her successful trip from poverty as a Hispanic woman to the lofty position of Judge left scars that will affect the way she rules on the Supreme Court bench?

Has Judge Sotomayor been so hardened as child of a poor single parent Puerto Rican mother affected her ability to rule on cases brought before her with the “racial blindness” that our Constitution requires. Or will she make rulings like she did in the case of the firemen who brought suit because they were passed over for promotion even though their promotion test grades were higher than the minorities promoted.
In this particular case she dismissed the suit “off hand” as having no merit! An apparent decision that was made with racial bias, or as she and the president have said;”her decision was made with EMPATHY”!

Judge Sotomayor has, in both her words and in her decision as a judge to dismiss out of hand the appeal of white firefighters who had been discriminated against, betrayed a racism that is no less racism because it is directed against different people than the old racism of the past.

The code word for the new racial preference is “diversity.” The Constitution of the United States says nothing about diversity, and the Constitution is what a judge is bound by his/her oath of office to pay attention to, not the prevailing buzzwords of the times or his/her empathy toward those who bring cases to be judged.

What the Constitution says is “equal protection of the laws” for all Americans, and that is not supposed to be taken out of context. People have lost their lives to make those words a reality. Now all of that is to be made to disappear into thin air by saying the magic word “diversity.”

The landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, like the Constitution, proclaimed equal rights for all, not special rights for those for whom judges have “empathy! Judge Sotomayor has demonstrated a flaw in her ability to serve on the Supreme Court that must not be ignored because of fear of being called a racist!
Source: The Patriot Post


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