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Posted by Jax Hawk on Saturday, June 06, 2009 9:29:44 AM

In Marxist-Leninist states, the party is seen as “the vanguard of the people” and therefore usually has the power to control the state, and the non-state party officials in the politburo generally hold extreme power.

In the Soviet Union for example, the General Secretary of the Communist Party did not necessarily hold a state office like president or prime minister to effectively control the system of government. Instead, party members answerable to or controlled by the party held these posts, often as honorific posts as a reward for their long years of service to the party.
Stalin ruled the Soviet Union for well over a decade before assuming the governmental position of Premier of the Soviet Union during World War II.The Politburo until July 1990 exercised supreme control over the Soviet government.

The Politburo assumed a major position in party and state administration, and it eventually came to overshadow the role of the Central Committee. Because the party secretariat planned the agenda, provided all documentation for debate, and transmitted Politburo decisions to the lower echelons, the general secretary of the Communist Party (Stalin) became the Politburo’s most influential member. Following the power struggles after Lenin’s death in 1924, Stalin achieved a controlling position on the Politburo, exercising complete dominance over it and the party in general.

Officially, the Party Congress elects a Central Committee which, in turn, elects a General Secretary. Under Stalin however, this model was essentially reversed and it was the General Secretary who determined the composition of the Politburo and Central Committee.
Source: Wikapedia

Substitute President for General Secretary and Czars for Central Committee and you have the situation that Obama is developing in Washington. His czars are not responsible to the Congress.
They do not have to reveal their salary, or how they spend the millions they are responsible for, and are accountable to nobody other than the president. Collectively these czars have 1.7 trillion dollars at their disposal!
The president subverted the Constitution by reversing the Bankruptcy laws of the nation. He did this when he put the bond holders at the end of the “deal” he put together to allow the Union and the government to usurp the ownership of the Chrysler and General Motors Companies.

Although I am not comparing the President to either Stalin or Hitler, Obama’s establishing of, thus far, sixteen czars accountable only to him. He has created his own governing body within, and yet outside, the Constitutional Government. He has created his own version of a Politburo! If you have read “The Devils Disciple’s” you might see the analogy of the inner workings of Adolph “H”.
“The Devil’s Disciples” is the first major book to examine those lieutenants of Hitler, not only as individuals but also as an administrative group. It focuses on the three most important Nazi principals — Göring, Goebbels, and Himmler — with their nearest rivals — Bormann, Speer, and Ribbentrop. These six men ran the Third Reich until the Allies defeated them in September 1945.

I will, however, state that it appears to me that Obama has little respect for the Constitution, and particularly the Fifth Amendment that guarantees the right of due process to all citizens!


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