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Not only our Media and Press were impressed with Obama’s speech in Cairo. The Arab world, and especially his audience at Cairo University were impressed and pleased with what our president said.
In part the credit for the thunderous reception Obama’s words received was due to his Muslim advisor who had the following input into his speech.
The Der Spiegel newspaper interviewed Ms.Mogahed, who is part of the Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, not a direct adviser. Her role is to provide ideas, mostly in the form of memos and reports. But she volunteered that she played a role in making recommendations to the speechwriters.

She told Der Spiegel the following:
“I suggested three main themes. One is to continue building on the theme of mutual respect. My recommendation was to recognize that Islam has made and makes a positive contribution to civilization. The second major theme was that of cooperation and the idea of equal partnership. A third theme that I referred to was empathy: Even if we do not share their opinion, we should try to understand their point of view”. She didn’t have to tell him that, since he has already bowed to king Abdullah!

Ms.Mogahed said she really felt very satisfied, because much of what we recommended made it into his speech. The president tried to heal a deep wound that Muslims have.What about the wounds Americans have from 9/11/01?She said at the same time, he didn’t deny what America stands for. His tone and his respect exceeded the expectations of most Muslims. It was a real surprise that our president made no mention of the sacrifices Americans made for Muslims in Bosnia, and that Americans rid the world of the killer tyrant Saddam.

He got a standing ovation in Cairo. People were yelling out: “We love you, Obama. Actually, it reminded me of Obama’s inauguration in Washington. It was the same excitement”.

When asked by the reporter if it was an historic speech?
Ms. Mogahed said: “From the minute he came on stage, I knew that it was an historic moment, especially because he began the speech by saying (the Arabic greeting) “assalaamu alaykum.” I knew that it has never happened before — and perhaps it won’t happen again — that an American president addresses the people like this”.
An American president who says our Constitution is flawed, hardly surprises me that he uses Arabic language from the Koran to please his audience and feed his large ego!

President Obama never used the word terror in his speech. Instead he chose to use the term “violent extremism.” This was an insult to the families who had relatives killed by terrorists on 9/11/01!
When a Muslim with obvious biased opinions advises the U.S. President, Barack Obama, on Muslim affairs.
It appears that Obama is more concerned with the feelings and opinions of Muslims than he is of the concerns of all other religions who experience religious persecution in most Muslim Countries.
Obama depicted radical Islamic extremism as a neutral threat, and didn’t connect it with Islam. He mentioned it as a threat that affects Muslims at least as much at it does the US, and he even mentioned that Muslims are the main victims of violent extremism! WRONG!!

It seems to me that Obama confuses the victims of collateral damage with the victims of naked aggression caused by terrorists. One need only recall that although the fundamentalist Islamic perpetrators of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 were unsuccessful at mass
slaughter, the mastermind of the plot said he was attempting
to kill 250,000 people by collapsing the towers to punish
the United States for its policies in the Middle East. (In
a follow-on attack, the group planned to blow up buildings
and key transportation nodes in New York City–UN headquarters,
a U.S. government building, two tunnels underneath the
Hudson River, and the George Washington Bridge–which would
have inflicted substantial casualties.)
Plans for another such catastrophic attack on the United States were also uncovered.
Muslim terrorists planned a nerve gas attack at Disneyland when it was most crowded, during a fireworks display. Fortunately, U.S.
law enforcement officials, tipped off by Japanese police,
apprehended members of the group before they could perpetrate
the attack.

Two of the best known Muslim terrorist incidents were the suicide bombings by Hezbollah of the U.S. embassy and the Marine barracks in Beirut. Beirut barracks bombing (October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon) two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces—members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon—killing 299 servicemen, including 220 U.S. Marines. The organization Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing, but that organization is thought to have been a “nom de guerre” for Hezbollah, or a group that would later become part of Hezbolla receiving help from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In Somalia in 1993 the now-infamous Osama bin Laden
trained the Somali tribesmen who conducted ambushes of U.S.
peacekeeping forces in support of Somali clan leader Mohammed
Farah Aideed. The result of the attack was 18 dead U.S.
Army Rangers and U.S. withdrawal from Somalia. Osama bin
Laden, a Saudi, did not merely object to U.S. intervention
in Somalia. His main reason for attacking U.S. targets was
the American presence in Saudi Arabia and Washington’s support
for Israel. Bin Laden was allegedly linked to the 1996
truck bombing of the U.S. military apartment complex, Khobar
Towers, in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 U.S. airmen and
wounded 515 others. He was also allegedly linked to the
simultaneous bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
in 1998 and other attacks.
It seems to me that Obama ignores those things that make Muslim terrorists look like the monsters they are! His sympathy is directed toward the wrong people!


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