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 Friday, June 19, 2009 12:24:07 PM


If any of you have ever bought a used car, not a previously leased car, but a car with a lot of miles on it. A car that may or not be in good mechanical order.’
You have experienced as I id when I purchased my four year old ford coupe. The salesman wanted to make a deal and he highlighted the fact that the car had low mileage, even though I later found out that the speedometer had been turned back a few thousand miles. He lighted the good points of the car never letting on that the car would be a mechanical nightmare for me later.
So I bought the car, fat dumb and happy I drove home in my first car. Then the fuel pump failed, the carburetor vapor locked almost every day and the transmission developed a strange noise. Turned out they had put sawdust in the transmission!
I bought a lemon!

Well, I believe Obama is trying to sell a lemon to the American taxpayers in his health care bill. A bill that is not even finsihed being dratted, but has over 700 pages detailing rules, regulations and all manner of bureaucratic BS.

The American people have a right to know what’s in the Bill and I would hope that our elected representatives get to read the bill before they vote on it. But with Obama setting a July 31st deadline that possibility is doubtful. Maybe they will have a speed reader read it to the Congress!

Just like a used car salesman, Obama has to make the sale quick on this massive expenditure that presently does not even cover about 30,000 of the uninsured poor!Senator Kyl offered several reasons why proposed health care reform may fail if the Senate does not pass it quickly.

“There’s a reason why the president has said ‘if we don’t get this done soon, it’s not going to happen,’” Kyl said. “Why? Why does he say that?

“Because he knows that momentum will inevitably slow for something that’s extraordinarily costly, will deny people the coverage that they already have, will ration their health care, and could provide some kind of government insurance company that’s going to drive out the private insurance companies that provide all these options,” he said.

“It will impose new taxes, it will tell employers that they either have to pay a certain amount of money to cover people or they’re going to be fined,” Kyl added.

Obama’s clock may be ticking, but some lawmakers say more time is needed to ensure effective reform of America’s health care system.And I agree with those who say it is time to slow down and thoroughly examine a bill that will affect our lives and those of our children for generations to come!

If you look at the rhetoric coming from the White House and from members of Congress, they’re using the same rhetoric that they had with the stimulus bill – that this ‘needs to be done,’ it ‘needs to be done quickly,’ and when it comes to the cost it’s like ‘Yeah, but you’ve got to think about the cost of what will happen if we don’t pass this,’” McClusky said.

The text of that bill, which was 1,071 pages, was not made available in final form for public inspection until the night before it faced a final vote in Congress.

“They (congressional Democrats) don’t deal with facts and figures when they’re talking about it. They’re just dealing in psychic projections, basically, in what they think this legislation will do,” he added.
The president is playing the “shell and pea” game with the American public, when he says that he does not want Socialized medicine. He wants it but through the back door of regulation and squeezing the life out of PRIVATE insurance that today covers over 65% of the American public with the best medical coverage in the World!
Yes, it is expensive, but so is bailing out car companies that should have been allowed to go bankrupt!

Will the unions and the leftists prevail, or will the silent majority rise up and roar no to this dastardly attempt to sneak in another socialism scheme?


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