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Posted by Jax Hawk on Saturday, June 20, 2009 11:14:32 AM

It is apparent that president Obama and his merry band of leftist followers plan to destroy the private health Insurance industry that covers over 65% of the populace of the USA, and replace it with a government single payer program. Socialized medicine!
This despite the fact that polls show that in early 1993 the sense of a health care crisis was far more widespread than it is today – a 55% majority in 1993 said they felt the health care system needed to be “completely rebuilt” compared with 41% today. Health care costs were also a broader problem in 1993 – 63% of Americans said paying for the cost of a major illness was a “major problem” for them, compared with 48% currently.

In my life I have experienced government medicine first hand by being a Navy veteran with a service connected disability that makes me eligible for Veterans medical care and medicines.
Persoanally, I think the Congress of the USA doesn’t allow enough money for the VA to care for the varied wounds and mental traumas that have occured to our brave warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Of the 23.4 million veterans currently alive, nearly three-quarters served during a war or an official period of conflict, and the 2009 budget for this 12.7% of the U.S.population is 40 billion dollars!

But,my experience with the VA medicine is good, even though I have to travel 42 miles each way to See my VA doctor twice a year, and the yearly blood and x-ray exams. I am lucky to get the medicines I need from the VA pharmacy via the US mail at a deep savings.

So I am offering a plan to cover the estimated 46 million people who do not have medical insurance by utilizing special clinics for those who either cannot afford medical insurance, or choose to not spend the money to buy it.
If it is good enough for those who put their lives on the line for the Country, why not utilize special clinics for those who don’t have insurance?

There will be those that cry second class treatment for these people, but if it is good enough for those who risked life and limb for their Country. Why not for those who cannot or will not buy health insurance?

There is the question of how do you staff these clinics with doctors and nurses?
It is a fact that most medical and nursing students utilize government guaranteed loans that accumulate in some cases to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I suggest that instead of relying on the doctor and nurse graduate to pay back the loan. Many never do! The requirement should be for every year the medical student or nurse attends school on a government loan, they must pay back one year of service to the government by serving a year in these clinics.

All clinics should be placed on regular bus lines so that no one could say they were inaccessible, and emergency rooms would be open 24 hours a day, unlike the VA clinics!

Of course there are horror stories about VA clinics as this post on VETERANS TODAY illustrates, but then there are many such cases in the private practice of medicine. Else there would not be any malpractice lawyers!

“The Veterans Affairs Department appears poised to hit a milestone it would rather avoid. That’s a backlog of 1 million claims to process.

The milestone approaches as the agency scrambles to hire and train new claims processors. VA officials are working with the Pentagon to create by 2012 a system that will allow the two agencies to electronically exchange records. The process is now done manually on paper.

Former Marine Corporal Patrick Murray of Arlington, Virginia, says the first claim he filed was lost. The second ended up at a VA office in Colorado.

The 25-year-old Murray was severely burned and his right leg was amputated after a roadside bomb explosion in 2006. He says it’s mind-boggling to have spent 11 months in Walter Reed Army Medical
Center and in outpatient care, only to find out he had to mail his records to the VA to prove he was injured”.

Before we dismantle the present private medical system that is the envy of the World. I believe we should consider the establishment of clinics for people without insurance.
And do not tell me that this concept is degrading to those who have no insurance! If it is good enough for us veterans, then it is good enough for those who have done nothing to warrant medical care except get sick!


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