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In the USA president Obama blamed the mortgage crisis on the bankers and mortgage brokerage firms despite the fact that any one who studies the cause of the mortgage problem realizes it is not entirely their fault. The fault lies at the feet of Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd, who forced the mortgage lenders and the banks to loan to minorities who were financially not qualified to obtain a regular home loan, and were in no way going to be able to make the payments based upon their low incomes.
And now that the “spendulus” program has bailed out the banks, Frank is at it again. He is encouraging sub-prime mortgage loans again!
Not to be out done, Obama is blaming the doctors for doing too many tests for the high cost of medical care. While still refusing to advocate limits on pain and suffering lawsuits brought by plaintive lawyers. No wonder the Lawyers along with the Unions, stand behind every thing he does.

It appears that all new legislation that Obama wants passed in this session of Congress, is a remedy for an evil that Obama has identifid, targeted and attcked to motivate the Congress and the people of the USA to support. And it seems each is a reaction to an “emergency”.

The truth of the matter is that foreign trust in the strength and reliability of the United States T-bonds has suffered to such a great degree that fewer and fewer foreigners are purchasing its government bonds. That’s why the Federal Reserve is now buying securities that it has printed itself. The Fed’s balance sheet has more than doubled since 2007, making the US central bank one of the world’s fastest-growing companies. The purpose of this company, though, is to create money out of thin air.

Over seven thousand miles away in the former Soviet Union, Prime Mister Putin is using the same tactics that Obama is using to defect any blame for the terrible state of the economy in Russia.
The London Telegraph has an article that illustrates my point.

“In keeping with a new strategy of deflecting blame for the country’s economic woes onto the standard-bearers of Russian capitalism, Mr Putin excoriated supermarket executives for their greed as ordinary shoppers looked on in bewilderment.

The prime minister abruptly interrupted a meeting with senior retailers at the Moscow White House, the seat of the Russian government, to drag them on an impromptu visit to a nearby branch of the Perekrestok supermarket chain.

Vladimir Putin, Striding angrily through the aisles with a retinue of glum executives in tow, Mr Putin came to a halt in the supermarket’s cold meat section and gestured towards a packet of sausages priced at just under £5.

Rounding on Yuri Kobaladze, the chain’s head of corporate relations, Mr Putin demanded: “Why do your sausages cost 240 roubles? Is that normal?” “But these are high quality sausages,” Mr Kobaladze tried to explain!
With a host of cameramen and photographers there to capture the scene, the stunt was likely to ensure Mr Putin’s reputation as a man of action, and thereby absolve him from carrying any blame for the worst economic crisis in Russia for over a decade.

“Having primed his victim, Mr Putin moved in for the kill. Consulting his crib sheet, he pointed towards a packet of pork fillets.Putin uses crib sheets like Obama uses his two telepromters!“This is double the (cost) price,” he said to Mr Kobaladze. “Is this normal?”

“Is 120 per cent a high mark up?” Mr Kobaladze responded timidly.
“Very high,” the prime minister said.

Not unlike the way Obama targets industry leders with his oratory skills.
The exchange between Putin and Kobaladze was a classic example of the political theatre in which Mr Putin excels. It came just two days after an opinion poll revealed that the principal concern of 75per cent of Russians was high food prices.

Perhaps Putin read Sal Alinsky’s book!!


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