Posted by: rotenochsen | July 28, 2009


 Tuesday, July 28, 2009 8:46:55 AM

Yesterday,the Obama administration began a two day high level meeting with the Chinese Communists. President Obama kicked the “pow-wow” off with a speech that implied he and his administration want a partnership with the Chinese.
U.S. President Barack Obama set the tone of his administration’s first high-level talks with China Monday by focusing on “mutual interests” the two countries share rather than growing tensions on trade and currency issues.

I guess he and his followers forgot that it was 56-years ago on the same day that the U.S. and North Korea signed the armistice that ended active combat in America’s forgotten war. More than 36,000 Americans gave their lives defending South Korea from invasion first by the communist North and then by the Red Chinese Army.
With the exception of pressing China on respect for human rights, Mr. Obama laid out a broad range of areas where the U.S. will seek to find common ground over the course of the two-day talks, from the economic crisis and climate change to nuclear and terrorist threats.
How he will bring China to adhere to reducing CO2 emissions after they have already announced that they will not reduce them because it would affect their economy negatively, is a question to ponder.

What kind of partnership can you have with a country that does not have religious freedom, freedom of speech and is run by a dictatorship?
The Chinese are holders of 900 billion dollars of our national debt, and are concerned that the socialist spending of Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress is devaluating their investment.

China is threatening to liquidate the $900B in U.S. bonds that they hold, which would likely send the U.S. tumbling into a recession and send the value of the dollar plummeting. China scares me. It was just a decade ago that the U.S. had more soft power than any other nation in the world. Now it’s China. Maybe this is the main reason for the Chinese visit to Washington!?

As a wise man once said: “It will be a cold day in H**l when China does anything to destabilize the U.S. Dollar because the U.S. is by far China’s number one customer, and also because the United States is also China’s number one investor. If the U.S. dollar is worth less then we have less money to invest in China. They will just sell some if not a major portion of the bonds they hold to African nations and some unsuspecting European Country. They will not be caught holding the bag!

China’s deplorable record on human rights cannot be “redeemed” by
the economic progress that took place mostly because U.S. industries have moved their plants to China.
Major industries and politicians do not care about slave labor. They do not care about the execution of the innocent. They do not care about human rights. They care about copyrights and profits, and China satisfies both!

But what they( American companies) have done is to help turn China into an economic and military giant. But it is still a communist giant which crushes human beings.Make no mistake about this point!

Is this the type of country we should be partnering with? Remeber bad things happen in the world when there is uncertainty about the U.S. commitment to defend freedom against oppression!


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