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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why the southern and border states congressional representatives are called ‘blue dogs” escapes me. But just like my two Labrador dogs obey when I call them, the blue dogs apparently have responded to the commands of their master.
The master is the leadership of the House that had numerous meetings with these Democrats who publicly had said they would not vote for the House version of the Obama Care bill.
I can imagine that these meetings were also attended by the Obama enforcer Rahm Emanuel, and the conversation probably went like this.

You can either vote with your leadership or the next time you stand for election we will select an opponent to run against you, and you can expect that we will use the money needed, to see that you are beaten. Do you like the princely life you live here in the House of Representatives? If so you better vote with us not against us!!

As a result the “Blue Dogs” made this announcement today. “Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have reached a deal with a group of fiscal conservatives in their own party on how to move forward with healthcare legislation, a leading lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Representative Mike Ross, who leads the so-called “Blue Dog” conservative coalition, said they had reached a deal with leadership after days of long negotiations. There are presently 51 Blue Dogs.

CNN said that under the agreement, a healthcare bill would be moved to committee by Friday but that the full House would not take the issue up until September after it returns from its month long break.

Prior to this meeting the fiscally conservative Democrats wanted the House bill to not increase the already soaring deficit as this report indicates.
The Blue Dogs say they want to wring out hundreds of billions of dollars in additional cost savings from the medical system before agreeing to legislation that would extend coverage to uninsured Americans. They also insist that Congress find a way to pay for the plan without increasing the deficit.

“The bottom line of the Blue Dogs has not been met at this time,” North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy told reporters.

If you have any doubt that coercion was applied by the White House Chief of Staff. Then this quote from should be enlightening to you.
“With the Senate already planning to leave for its recess without voting, Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, went to Capitol Hill to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and members of the so-called Blue Dog coalition of Democrats, who object to the cost and structure of the legislation.

The House would only stay in session a few days after the start of the August break if an agreement can be reached to allow the bill to clear the Energy and Commerce Committee, where the Blue Dogs are holding up the legislation, Hoyer said earlier. It looks like the agreement was to vote after the August recess, but I would not make book on “Queen” Pelosi going along with this decision!

The Blue Dog Coalition was created in 1995 and came about to promote positions “…which bridge the gap between ideological extremes” according to their House web site. “Many of the group’s policy proposals have been praised as fair, responsible, and positive additions to a Congressional environment too often marked as partisan and antagonistic,” say the Blue Dogs in their mission statement.


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