Posted by: rotenochsen | July 30, 2009


Kissing Up To The Chinese Communists

 Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:44:56 AM

For decades our presidents have recognized that Communist China is one of the “bad Guys” in our universe. They violate the basic human rights of their citizens, have provide arms, materials and soldiers to fight our troops in the Korean and Viet Nam wars.
Now they have backed the USA into a corner with their buying of a massive amount of our Treasury Bonds that are the result of profligate spending by our Congress during the last two years of the Bush administration, and the first six months of Obama has made it worse!

At any rate, the attitude of the Communist Chinese has not changed toward their quest to dominate the economy of the world. And for the past decade our Congress has helped them to attain that objective. Now Obama is poised to make it easier for them with his Cap and Trade and Card Check legislation that will drive what little industrial jobs we still have to either China or India.

As a result of China’s holding so much of our debt, and the apparent propensity of Obama for liking totalitarian leaders such as Chavez, Putin and Medvedev and an apparent devotee of One World Order. The attitude of our present government in Washington has softened toward Chinese Communists.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has really gotten the Obama diplomatic routines down pat in the last six months. And right now she’s laying things on especially thick. Clinton stood before the assembled journalists, next to the head of the 100-person strong Chinese delegation that’s come to Washington for two days of talks, and really let it fly. “Thorough, comprehensive, very open’ are the words she uses to describe the two days of talks. She throws in ‘direct’ and ‘very useful’ for good measure.”What Ms.Clinton did not mention was that China executed 1718 people in 2008. Some for political corruption! Whereas the USA which is a target for anti-death penalty people executed only 37!!

“Enthusiastic words, even for a top diplomat who’s practically obliged to be welcoming all high ranking members of foreign countries. And Clinton wasn’t alone with her praise. President Barack Obama sounded like a fan of the Chinese Communists in his address. “Cooperation, not confrontation,’ he said, should be the goal with China. The US-Chinese relationship would shape the 21st century.”

“That’s perhaps the most telling part of his message to this meeting, which many experts see as carving a sort of ‘G-2’ alliance in stone. A new world order, where the US and China will set the tone.”

America is rarely this softspoken. They are ( our elected officials) not quite kowtowing, but bowing quite low to greet the dignitaries from China who have traveled to Washington for bilateral strategy and economic summit. Gone are the days when US politicians made long (and honest) speeches about human rights to the powers that be in the Middle Kingdom. Likewise, they’ve abandoned the old ritual of criticizing the way China subsidizes its exports, and devalues their money to make their products more appealing to foreign buyers like the USA!

Instead, it is exercising humility. Washington knows what it owes Beijing! The Chinese hold US bonds worth at least $800 billion in their hands. No other nation in the world is in as much debt as is the USA!
The Obama administration should remember that it needs all the friends it can get at this point,and many allies like Germany , England and France are not as inclined to cozy up to China the way Obama’s minions are. For example, China shouldn’t talk about the USA responsibility, but instead act on their own. And it would be helpful if China was on our side with important problems like North Korea, and Iran.

Obama should be trying to get the Chinese to stop manipulating its currency. It’s buying about $400 billion a year of U.S. dollars with their yuan that it prints, giving them to us by buying our “paper”, and that basically keeps their currency cheap and makes those products artificially cheap in our markets.


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