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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 10:18:07 AM

First IT WAS THE NEWS THAT THE WHITE HOUSE WAS SOLICITING NEGATIVE EMAILS ABOUT OBAMACARE BE SENT TO THEM,at the electronic “tip” box labeled, and now we have the news that an organization founded by the self proclaimed Communist Czar of Green Jobs is putting pressure on sponsors of the Glenn Beck TV show to withdraw their sponsorship.

Barack Obama’s “Green Jobs” czar (one of 42 extra-legal czars), and the leader of the attempted boycott against Glenn Beck, is a self-described “black nationalist” and “Communist”, who has ties to a former terrorist. Van Jones, founder of “Color of Change”, a black militant political activist group, worked as a co-founder and director of the Apollo Alliance, which Glenn Beck recently exposed for its subversive ties with radical left-wing groups. Van Jones worked at Apollo with Jeff Jones. Jeff Jones was a leading co-founder (along with Bill Ayers) of the terrorist group Weather Underground , who spent time on the run from law enforcement agencies while his group carried out a series of bombings of U.S. government buildings. Van Jones’ group “Color of Change” began the boycott against Glenn Beck after Beck exposed Apollo Group and Van Jones’ militant past.

For over 49 years Jesse Jackson was the model of how to bring pressure to industries for profit and purpose.
Jackson’s is an all-American success story, of the robber-baron type. In his book,Timmerman demonstrates that Jackson has always been a self-promoting egotist with boundless chutzpah, little regard for the rules, and an uncanny ability to manipulate the market — in his case, the market in white guilt — for immense personal gain. The only thing that’s changed for him in four decades are the stakes. The difference between Jackson and the robber barons is that the latter left behind museums, libraries, and other facilities to enhance the commonweal. Jackson’s legacy to anyone outside his family and inner circle of friends and supporters is nil.

The Jackson myth apparently begins with a lie conjured and perpetuated by Jackson himself: that he consoled the dying Martin Luther King Jr., holding King’s head as he lay stricken by an assassin’s bullet. It is generally well known that King’s associates, including the late Ralph Abernathy, have bitterly denounced Jackson for trying to steal the martyred King’s mantle with a blatant falsehood. But that didn’t stop Jackson, nor did it much matter to his legions of admirers. After King’s death, Jackson returned to Chicago, where he resumed work with Operation Breadbasket (later renamed PUSH), an organization set up by King to encourage businesses in the black community to hire more blacks.

Jackson used the organization to threaten businesses with boycotts unless owners met his demands. Law-enforcement officials and press accounts quoted by Timmerman reveal that Jackson’s enforcers were sometimes members of a notorious black street gang, El Rukn, whose leaders would eventually be jailed for murder, narcotics dealing, extortion, and other offenses. Jackson’s half-brother, Noah Robinson Jr., was thick with the thugs. A black Chicago minister tells Timmerman: “There was one very powerful reason why none of us spoke out more loudly against Jesse for all those years. It was fear of the long arm of the black mafia that Jesse’s half-brother controlled.”

And now it appears that within the “inner circle” of the Obama “mafia” is another activist trying to intimidate sponsors of a Conservative cable TV show. Glenn Beck is an author who currently has a best selling book in print and at the last survey, has 2.4 million viewers of his TV show. That makes him number three in audience behind Bill O’Reilly and Shaun Hannity. No Liberal TV show comes even close to that large an audience, so it is only good business practice to advertise products on his show unless you are intimidated by the power of Black activists or the power of a person who has direct access to the presidents ear!
It doesn’t matter if they told bald-faced lies, or if their actions harm black businesses and cost jobs to black workers. They are playing race politics and are out to get what the white TV personality who exposed the truth about Van Jones, co-founder of is an activist organization that has led a furious campaign against Beck culminating in major companies such as Geico and pulling their spots from the Fox News star’s daily show.

Just like Jessie Jackson, “Czar” Van Jones apparently It doesn’t care if Beck told the facts about ColorChange, they call him a racist!
This from a man who was the subject of multiple segments that were based in part on WND’s(World News Daily) reporting that Jones was as an admitted radical communist and black nationalist leader.

It apparently has nothing to do with racism. In fact the only purpose of their campaign is to silence a voice of truth with their intimidation and political influence. There is no respect for first amendment rights here, just the attempt to shut off the light of truth and return to the darkness of lies and deceit!

QUESTION: As the “Green Jobs Czar” and thus a government employee, would Van Jones be violating any laws or ethics regulations if he were encouraging and/or coercing corporate entities that he may be in a position to help or punish through his government office?

If they can do this to Glenn Beck, the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers “The Christmas Sweater” and “An Inconvenient Book”. He is also the author of “The Real America” and publisher of “Fusion” magazine. He is the host of a tv show on FoxNews and also the nationally syndicated radio show The Glenn Beck Program, which is the third most listened to talk show in America.Who will they go after they destoy Beck!


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