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Thursday, September 03, 2009


President Obama has announced that he will give a major speech on Health Care next Wednesday. With his approval ratings plummeting and the wreckage of the Health Care Town Hall meeting ringing in his mind. Obama realizes that his grasp on the ability to socialize 1/6 the of the gross national product is slipping away.
Thus, he will address the nation and the Congress next Wednesday evening at prime time to try and salvage his “prize” piece of legislation that he promised the Left wing of the Democrat party during his campaign for the Oval Office.

I expect as usual he will try to confuse and confound the public about what he is trying to do. He will once again demonize the industry and say it is time to have real competition in the Health Insurance Industry, This is a canard that any one who looks at what he is saying is the exact opposite of the facts. There are 1300 Health Insurance Companies that sell Health Insurance in this country.
The problem is not that there are not enough companies offering health insurance, but some State laws prohibit Insurance companies domiciled in another state from selling in their state. This is part protectionism for the Insurance companies in their state and part because they want the license fee to allow a company to sell in their state. This is a simple matter that can be resolved by passing a Federal law to allow all Health Insurance Companies to sell in all states provided they are properly capitalized.

The President will probably throw a bone to the people and Congress by saying he will abandon the Federal government option in favor of the scheme that includes Co-operatives.

This word co-operative is a semantic example of slipping in a word that appears to abandon the govt. option, but in fact does not!
In the first place the legislation that includes co-operatives also includes “seed money” of five billion dollars from the Federal government. And lest you forget, he who pays the piper calls the tune!

The following excerpt from shows just how involved the Federal government will be involved in any co-operative scheme for health care reform, so do not be fooled by the man behind the curtain!
“The health care bill under consideration in the House of Representatives would give President Obama the authority to name a new federal “Health Choices Commissioner” who would have sweeping power to govern the health insurance plans offered in a so-called “exchange” where millions of Americans would get their health insurance if the bill is enacted.

These powers would include deciding which treatments are covered, which companies can participate, which states can run their own exchange, and enrolling individuals into the public exchange.

Though the bill, House Resolution 3200, faces many political hurdles, it has passed three House committees and could be ready for a floor vote after Congress returns from recess. The overhaul package calls for establishing a health insurance exchange where people earning up to 400 percent of the poverty level will be able to purchase health insurance with the help of federal subsidies. This exchange would include a “public option” government-run health care plan as well as private plans that provide a minimum benefits package dictated by the government.

The Health Choices Commissioner would establish “the benefits to be made available under Exchange-participating health benefit plans during each plan year,” according to page 84 of the 1,018-page bill. That means the commissioner would determine what benefits the participating insurance companies must offer participating customers in the exchange.

The commissioner would also set rules for insurance companies to participate in the health insurance exchange, and establish criteria for individuals to receive federal subsidies to purchase insurance in the exchange, according to section 142 on page 42 of the legislation.

Further, the commissioner would have the authority to establish “automatic enrollment” of individuals who qualify for the health insurance exchange.

“The Commissioner shall provide a process under which individuals who are Exchange-eligible individuals described in subparagraph (B) are automatically enrolled under an appropriate Exchange participating health benefits plan,” the legislation says, beginning on page 97. “Such process may involve a random assignment or some other form of assignment that takes into account the health care providers used by the individual involved or such other relevant factors as the Commissioner may specify.”

The exchange eligible individuals [determined by subparagraph (B)] include someone who “has not opted out from receiving such affordability credit,” someone who “does not otherwise enroll in another exchange participating health benefits plan,” and someone “enrolled in an Exchange-participating plan that is terminated (during or at the end of the plan year) and who does not otherwise enroll in another Exchange participating health benefits plan.”

The next thing he will do is try to scare the public by saying that if they do not pass the government option, the Heath Insurance Industry will continue to raise their premiums and more people will go bankrupt. The fact is that if we get the govt. option they will force the private health insurers out of business by offering such low premiums to begin with that private insurers cannot compete. But once they have control of the health care market the taxes and fees will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and will bring senior citizens and the infirmed rationing, as every other nation has experienced who have government controlled health care!

Leopard does not change it’s spots, and a radical community organizer will not abandon his determination to change our country from a free enterprise system that is the American dream, to a Marxist socialist country where the government tells you how to live and regulates every portion of our Industry and commerce. He has a good start by taking over the General Motors company and essentially dictating how bankers and investment houses can pay their executives.

Please do not allow smooth talk and promises of reducing the debt by nationalising our health care system. No major government program has ever reduced costs to taxpayers. Good examples are social security, medicare and the rail and postal service. All of these plans started small with little impact on taxpayers.
The best example is Medicare which now takes 7.65 cents out of every dollar that taxpayers make up to $107,000. This amounts to $8,185/year!

In 2008, we had 45 million people on Medicare. It cost $11,000 per year per person. In 2018, the Medicare trustees project that number to rise to 59 million as the baby-boomers retire. An average cost per person at $17,000 a year. Are we looking at higher taxes, co-pays, deductibles? Is health care for seniors going to cost a lot more than what it’s costing right now?

Therefore, if we continue to tax an average 18 percent or 19 percent of GDP–as we have since World War II–almost all of that federal revenue would have to go to funding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Put another way, we would have to eliminate the rest of the federal government as we know it, including the Defense Department.Source:The Heritage

Of course, we could try to borrow our way out of this shortfall, but it would mean essentially trying to borrow the equivalent of $1 trillion per year in current dollars. That amount would grow dramatically simply because of interest costs and would quickly outpace savings here and abroad.And Obama is going to lie to the American public when he talks to a joint session of Congress by saying we must have the Government controlling health care costs in one form or another. This will be getting the socialist “camels nose under the tent”, and expect amendments to follow.

No matter what he proposes, to accomplish his radical objectives–Socialism!!
It might be $13 trillion in promised, but unfunded, benefits over the long term. Whatever the total might be, it is an unlimited amount because this is an entitlement.

Do not be confused by semantics and smooth talk!!


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