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Saturday, September 12, 2009

We all know that Iran has a megalomaniac leader and the puppet of the Mullahs who are sworn haters of America and Israel. What we o not no is when they get the BOMB will they use it on Israel or will they fashion a suitcase type bomb that they will give to terrorists to inflict serious damage on whom they call “the great Satan”–the USA!!
Iran is in a race to acquire a nuclear weapon, a political game changer for the Mid-East.

What we also should know is revealed in this statement.”America’s Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Vienna-based watchdog group, correctly set the tone by stating that Iran now has sufficient material to produce a nuclear weapon. Glyn Davies added that Iran’s “ongoing enrichment activities moves Iran closer to a dangerously and destabilizing breakout capacity” These were the toughest remarks so far during the Obama Administration concerning Iran’s technical capacity to build a atomic bomb, and added to the anxiety that Teheran is really not negotiating seriously but instead buying time while playing the international community for a patsy”.

We have dithered around with UN resolutions and threats of embargoes for eight years, but the Iranian’s keep making their nuclear killer bomb!

Will we wait until we have another 9/11 only worse??
It is as my grandfather said to me “it is time to fish or cut bait”!

We have the capability to take out the known sites where thy are enriching the nuclear materials, and we should strike before they do!
Obama and his minions seem to be concentrated on socializing the USA more than he is concerned with his main job as President. To protect the citizens and be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces who reacts appropriately to a threat to OUR safety!

But there are fascinating twists in the storyline since last year. President Barack Obama has offered to negotiate with Tehran without preconditions and earlier in the year set a September deadline for Iran to negotiate seriously or face renewed calls for economic sanctions. Obama’s Springtime offer essentially allowed Tehran’s scientists a further six months of uninterrupted work on their nuclear program. Yet, since that time, Ahmadinejad’s own authority has been challenged in the bitter aftermath of Iran’s fraudulent Presidential elections.

Now come September we confront our own arbitrary deadline but with some definite changes in the political landscape. The Obama Administration, despite initial optimism in dealing with this Charter member of Axis of Evil, feels it may be getting scammed by Ahmadinejad. The West Europeans, while decidedly nervous over a nuclear Iran, would just like to squeeze in a few more lucrative business deals before the next slap on the wrist. And neighboring Arab states are just plain scared.This is all being done with the threat of a nuclear attack on us by Iran never being mentioned .

If we are more concerned with what the rest of the World thinks of us then we are about protecting our citizens from a nuclear disaster that will make the Twin Towers pale in comparison.
Then we should give the green light to the Israelis to take out the threat. Each day we hesitate and talk they are building air defense systems that will cost more lives of the pilots who eventually have to do the air strike. And we risk the nuclear disaster that hangs over the heads of every major city in the USA unless this madman is stopped!
Source: World Tribune. com


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