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Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” —Ronald Reagan

It appears to me that our president is more interested in promoting the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics than he is in acting on the request of his appointed Commander in the field of war, General McChrystals request for more troops. On August 30, Gen. Stanley McChrystal sent Defense Secretary Robert Gates a war assessment in which he said more U.S. troops are needed if the U.S. is to defeat the insurgents in Afghanistan.

Since that Aug. 30 date, a total of 43 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have died in a war that is now the subject of too much discussion,and apparently some confusion! Forty-two of those casualties have been identified by name in U.S. Defense Department press releases, while the 43rd casualty, which occurred yesterday, has been confirmed in press reports, but not by name. In his confidential report, which was leaked to the Washington Post on Sept. 21, Gen. McChrystal warned that defeating the insurgents will not be possible if the United States fails to “gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum” over the next 12 months.

Does Obama accept the word defat, or does he not like it as he prefers not to use the word victory? When will Obama decide that the war protestors who voted for him will be unhappy unless he declares the war un- winable and brings the troops home, and abondons yet another of his campaign promises. The promise that he would wage war against al Qaeda in Afghanistan!

If Obama fails to agree to the request of his man in charge of defeating the Taliban and al Qaeda, it will put the United States in much greater danger, because failure in Afghanistan will turn into a base for attacks on the U.S. and its allies.And when (not if) Iran gets it’s nuclear weapons. Afghanistan will become a staging ground for missile launchers and “suitcase bombs” to blow up cities in the USA you can be sure!

Despite the urgency of the request, the Obama White House has said repeatedly that the president would consider McChrystal’s recommendations, and those of other advisers, carefully and methodically before announcing his next move. Obama has said the goal of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is to disrupt, dismantle and destroy the al-Qaida terrorist network and its sympathizers. What is to consider? Either you give the commander in the field what he wants or you relieve him and replace him with a general who will preside over the defeat!

History shows those who care to look that “dictators” and plolitical leaders who do not listen to their field comanders loose. Field Marshal Erwin Rommell advised and requested that Hitler move all the Panzer tank divisions from the Eastern front to the coast of France prior to the June 6th invasion of Normandy by the allies. Hitler refused Rommell and the landing was a success, although costly and bloody for the allies.And Germany lost the war. I am thankful that they did loose, but you get the point.

 In our own country the Admiral in charge of the fleet at Pearl Harbor in 1941 specifically asked, by dispatch and in person, for all information aboutt the Japanese. Admiral Kimmel never received the secret “Magic” dispatches that showed vital information about the Japanese intentions. He also never received the famous 14-part message the Japanese were delivering in response to the U.S. “ultimatum” of November 26. Especially not the 14th part which indicated the 1:00 p.m. (EST) delivery of the message and ordering the destruction of the “coding” equipment, even though this had been decoded some nine hours before the attack. Washington either decide to withhold the information or delayed in sending it to Kimmel. Either way we will never know, but had he received the Japanese ultimatum he could have put his forces on alert and avoided many deaths at Pearl Harbor.

When will our leaders decide to proceede as leaders should when they want to defeat the enemy? I know that Obama does not like the word “VICTORY”, nor do his sycophants want us to call it a war on terrorists, but either you win or you loose! And we are fighting radical Islamics who do not only want to win. Not only win, but wipe us and Israel off the face of the map if they could! Will we become the strongest nation of the world who sends its brave men and women off to war to win?

Or will we become like the Socialist Country of Denmark that is consisdering prosecuting three of their soldiers waging war in Afghanistan, for having in their hand guns and possesion hollow point bullets!? The penalty if convicted is life in prison, so says the Denmark papers. They call the bullets that have the stopping power that normal nine millimeter bullets do not, “dum dum bullets”, These are used regularly by the FBI and many law enforcement agencies in the USA, because the only use for a hand gun is in close combat and it is kill or be killed! The dum dum bullets stop the enemy in one shot, and many times that is all one gets!. Tags: request for troops victory Afghanistan Obama. McCrhrystal


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