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Posted by Jax Hawk on Saturday, October 03, 2009 10:29:21 AM
Saturday, October 03, 2009

Joined by his wife Michelle, Mr Obama gave an impassioned presentation to the IOC committee, the first by a US president on behalf of a city bidding for the games, in which he hailed Chicago as “the most American of American cities”.

But the speeches by both the Obamas were like a they were on he campaign trail to the White House. Apparently what the IOC wanted to hear was how Chicago and the Obamas were going to handle the “nuts and blots” of pulling off the Olympics in Chicago. Obama nor Michelle talke about how the mechanics of running a successful Olympics would be acomplished.
I guess they thought BHO’s star power and Michelle’s charm would bring home the Olympics just as their pitch on the campaign trail of Hope and Change fooled Americans. But they were eliminated on the first ballot!!

After spending the last nine months traveling around the World apologizing for Americas faults and past misdeads. How could any right thinking man belive that all he.,Michelle and Oprah had to do was show up in Copenhagen, and the IOC would swoon like too many voters did last Novemeber, and give them the prize?!
Rio de Janeiro got the prize! They will  host the 2016 Olympic Games There had been widespread expectations in the US that the president’s star power would prove all-conquering, so there was shockin the leftist media and Chicago, when Chicago was the first city to be eliminated.

Instead of being able to celebrate another Obama success, the White House was forced to fend off accusations that the president had taken a political body blow.
Obamas’ appearance in Copenhagen was the culmination of several weeks of campaigning on Chicago’s behalf.

As well as personally calling heads of state or lobbying them at the United Nations and G20 summits, the president recorded five pro-Chicago video messages, set up a special office at the White House and hosted Olympic athletes on the lawn, even fencing with a toy light sabre.

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has long been based in Chicago, said he surprised by the city’s loss.

“I’m shocked and saddened. We were emotionally prepared for it,” he said, noting that the United States had sent its “A team” of President Obama and his wife Michelle, whose home base is Chicago, to push the city’s bid. I guess the “A” team struck out!!


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