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Posted by Jax Hawk on Thursday, October 15, 2009 9:10:23 AM
The statue of Liberty in New York harbor has been the light that people sought who were fleeing from tyrants, famine and religious persecution for over one hundred years. America has beeen the beacon of freedom and opportunity for those born here and especially those imigrants who passed through Ellis Island to try to get their little piece of a free society. Free fom government persecution, free from tyranny,freedom of religion and the freedom of speech!

But today we are faced with the diming of the light of freedom that the torch held high by Miss Liberty represents.
Not only has free speech been replaced by political correct speech, but freedom has been replaced by license, As we see in the “right to choose” that our un-august Supreme Court declared in Roe vs Wade.
Anything goes has replaced the rules of public speech as long is it isn’t speech that offends some minority group or the present ruling class in Washington. Lewd an lascivious words, swear words are o.k, but do not say something that offends the minority groups

Now we are faced with a radical change of enormous affect on not only our health and welfare, but how we make decisions about our health and the health and welfare of our loved ones.
Thomas Sowell said it well in todays piece in the Patriot Post.
“Almost never are the dangers of having uninsured people weighed against the dangers of having government bureaucrats over-ruling doctors and deciding whether money would be better spent saving the life of an elderly person or paying for an abortion for some teenager.

The crowning irony is that the problems caused by insurance companies refusing to pay for certain medications or treatment are to be solved by giving government bureaucrats that same power, along with the power to prevent patients from using their own money to pay for those same medications or treatments”.
More than two centuries ago, Edmund Burke said, “Nothing is good but in proportion”–

It appears to me that the present administration in Washington is he## bent on power over every sector of our way of life. It apso appears, that unfortunately the Democrats have the votes to ram through Congress a bill that will never see the light of day(only a synopsis of the over 1000 page bill) that will turn over 1/6th of our GNP to the federal government, and destroy millions of jobs presently held by people employed by the private insurance companies that offer health insurance that over 85% of our people have and are satisfied with! This at a time when unemployment is in excess of 10%!
When President Obama was inaugurated and gave his inaugural speech.He talked about the importance of transparency in government. He said ‘transparency breeds accountability and builds public confidence.’ Where has this gone, or was it just another lie from a man who will say anything to gain power?

The bill passed in the Senate Finance Committe yesterday. Mmost of it will not be implemented until 2013,but the taxes begin in 2010!
Iit is not an inconvenience for the Senate to let those who voted them into their princely position to post at least what they ae voting on to allow those who are interested to read!
Thist is not something we ought to overlook, the opportunity to get the American people to be able to read it.There has been a lot of discussion at town hall meetings and elsewhere. People are mad about Congress voting on things we haven’t even read. But unfortunately I think this is the way Obama and his sycophants will operate until they totally socialize our once great country!

Waiting in the wings is the Cap and Trade bill that will certainly be passed by the same lock step majority that will further the ambition of their messia, OBAMA!
This will destroy the energy system as we know it today by high taxation and fees, and replace it with a “Goreite” system that will certainly cost US more taxes and make life less free and more unpleasant due to regulations on how much energy the government believes we should be allowed to use each day.
Where will people who seek freedom rom tyrannts and opression go then?


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