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Posted by Jax Hawk on Monday, December 28, 2009 8:40:44 AM
Many of our readers will spend today squashed into airport queues slowed to a snail’s pace by extra security measures. It will be a teeth-grindingly boring ordeal. But it will not be terrifying, unlike the experience of looking up from your in-flight movie to see flames bursting out of the leg of a passenger who is trying to murder you. On Christmas Day, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab very nearly managed to blow up a transatlantic airliner over Detroit. The authorities at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport allowed Abdul Mutallab to carry his syringe, liquid and powder on board. Suddenly, all that fuss about a thimbleful of perfume does not seem over the top.

For passengers wondering why, yet again, the journey from check-in to departure lounge is a taste of hell on earth, the answer is straightforward. Religious terrorists are plotting to inflict on us a permanent state of earthly hell: airliners dropping from the skies, dirty bombs in shopping malls and cities, all leading to an Islamic caliphate whose totalitarian writ would run from Mecca to Milton Keynes. Was it coincidence that the attack took place on December 25? Of course not: this was an attempt to destroy the peaceful feast day of a Christian religion that the bomber despises.

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The British public is not so stupid as to think that most Muslims approve of Islamist terrorism: of course they do not. Moreover, although Muslims in opinion polls frequently express a preference for living in an Islamic state, only a small percentage share the jihadist fanaticism that inspired the airline bomber. Yet the awkward fact remains: of that percentage, a worrying number have lived in Britain and especially London. Some have studied at our universities: Abdul Mutallab graduated in mechanical engineering from University College London in 2008.

Over the past decade, institutes of higher education in London have consistently provided sanctuary for Islamist students who parrot the hate-filled rhetoric of al-Qaeda and its allies. Again and again, speakers have been invited and rooms provided so that, in the name of free speech, vulnerable students can be indoctrinated. Some of those students may now be sitting in caves in Waziristan or cafés in the Yemen devising methods of killing Westerners. Perhaps they picked up their expertise in a British university laboratory. We may never know until it is too late.



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