Posted by: rotenochsen | January 20, 2010


Obama failed to persuade the Olympic committee to hold the games in Chicago, he failed in Copenhagen to convince the elites from foreign countries to pass a binding resolution on Climate Control. and now his attempt to help Ms. Coakley win the senate seat in Mass. he stuck out again.

The seat that the Democrats called Kennedy’s seat is now in the hands of a man who campaigned against OBAMANATION health care–and won by a convincing five points despite Obama putting his prestige(what ever is left of it) on the line for Coakley. The Mass. voters sent a message to the President, but I doubt he will open it much less read it and react to it favorably.

This President is a dedicated progressive that will ask all Democrats to “fall on their Swords” for his piece of legislation that will give control over American lives to the government in matters that reach far beyond the doctor patient relationship. And will cost a outrageous trillion dollars in taxes and yet leave at least 12.5 million people uninsured!!

We can only hope and pray to GOD that enough Democrats get the message that was sent loud and clear to the White House and Congress that the people whom the elite in Washington call “teabaggers, bible toting, gun lovers that drive trucks”sent to Washington in the election of Senator-elect Brown.

If they do not respond by denying Obama his giant step toward marxism, and the destruction of free market capitalism. There will be a Tsunami coming in November that will wash away all  who ignore the message!


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