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A hospital patient, Kane Gorny, died of dehydration after becoming so desperate for a drink of water that he called police for help.

 By Alastair Jamieson Published: 11:33AM GMT 06 Mar 2010 (London

The 22-year-old was not given vital medication after an operation at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, according to his mother. A coroner has such grave concerns about the case that it has been referred to police who are investigating Mr Gorny’s care. 

 Stafford Hospital: Managers spent more than £1 million on redundancies during scandal Hospitals granted foundation status despite a plethora of failings

 Gorny, from Balham, was diagnosed with a brain tumour the year before his death, according to a report in the Daily Mail. Treatment caused his bones to weaken and he was admitted to the hospital for a hip replacement in May 2009. His mother, Rita Cronin, says he needed drugs three times a day to regulate his hormones, but he was not given them by hospital staff. She said he became very dehydrated but his requests for water were refused and nurses called in security guards to restrain him when he became angry.

He became so frustrated that he rang the police from his bed to demand their help but officers were assured Mr Gorny was fine. She said nurses assumed he was just badly behaved. Mr Gorny’s cause of death was determined to be dehydration. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command are investigating the death of Kane Gorny at St George’s Hospital after this was referred to us by Westminster Coroner’s Court.”

And on the 5th of March, 2010 this story was reported in the London Telegraph.

The Oxford Radcliffe Trust has suspended all children’s heart surgery after the death of four children in the last four months.

An investigation has been launched and urgent cases awaiting surgery are being sent elsewhere.

Iis not yet clear if there are any common factors in the cases and all aspects of their care will be investigated.

Experts said it could be ‘just a run of terrible luck’ but that it was right to stop and review procedures.

Cardiac surgery at the trust has been dogged with concerns over mortality rates for years and has a reputation for taking on high risk cases.

Reports going back as far as 2000 criticised the leadership of the consultant cardiothoracic surgeons and their working relationships.

Then in 2004 a study in the British Medical Journal warned that mortality rates in paediatric cardiac surgery were higher than the national average, however a review of the service found the data was inaccurate.

The health regulator was brought in and found no concern in paediatric surgery but found a series of other problems including that surgeons were still not working well together.

The Healthcare Commission found in 2007 that the trust did operate on high risk patients and that the mortality rates among adults having bypass surgery were higher than average although were still within expected limits. Do we want this to happen here in gthe USA? Stop Obama Care NOW!!!


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