Posted by: rotenochsen | March 15, 2010


We have listened to the Liar in chief try to convince a gullible American public that the government has to take over one  sixth of rhe USA economy to “fix” a health care system that 80% of Americans who have health care coverage, like the system they have. This is the equivalent of the total economy of a country like France or Germany! It is a naked power grab that progressive leftists are attempting to ram down Americans throats despite the fact that a majority of US do not want what the Obama sycophants are pushing!

Obama has spent more time on this power grab then he has to fix the number one problem in the USA, unemployment and a growing National debt! Today once again he is using an anecdotal story to try to tug at peoples heart instead of talking about the facts that this bill is not acceptable to all the Democrats or else they would have passed it months ago. He continually demonizing the Republicans as the party of no, but anyone who watched the Blair House “summit” know this is just another lie that Obama has been spinning for over a year.

The Republicans have offered alternative to the Democrats socialization of a major portion of our economy, but all suggestions have been rejected.

It is time to call for a vote in the House of Representatives, and stop the arm twisting and deals that the Democrats have been doing to convince the Democrats who believe this bill is bad for the past year! I call on the Republicans to call for a vote now, not after the president has given “one last speech” to try to sell his socialization of the best medical care in the world!


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