Posted by: rotenochsen | March 23, 2010


During the general election campaign of 2008, Barack Obama talked a very moderate game — even a conservative game. This was especially true in the debates versus McCain. He sounded like, oh, David Boren, or Sam Nunn. At times, he sounded like Richard Lugar, the Republican, whom he cited favorably. He mocked the idea that he was some wild-eyed radical out to socialize the country.
But on the eve of the election, with his big victory in sight, Obama let his hair down a little. He said, “We are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America.”And with the passage of “obamacare” he and Pelosi and Reid have shown that they are not the “center-left politicians that they portrayed themselves as to the American people in the 2008 election cycle, but are un-holy progressive socialists.

For those of you who dare confused by the term socialist . I offer this as an explanation: socialist’ is one who believes in the redistribution of wealth, more decisions made by the central government! There is no question about it. During my childhood years my relatives thought of the Democrats as the party of the people. What they are today is the party of government.”And to add fuel to the fire that I am trying to build under those who are still asleep to the fact that the majority elected a socialist I remind you of the words Obama had to say to “Joe the plumber”. ““I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

“Queen” Pelosi & Co. kept calling Sunday’s vote and achievement “historic.” They were quite right. This is a milestone on the way to American Europeanization, or de-exceptionalization. If Obama and his socialist henchmen in the Congress of the USA manage to ram the amnesty bill for 12 million illegals through. It will almost assure Obama’s re-election in 2012, and then he can further ensure the demise of our free enterprise system by stacking the supreme court with two more socialist leaning justices!
That will guarantee that any lawsuits against socialist bills that are passed by the left leaning congress will not be accepted for review by the supreme court!

The Democrat party has been co-opted by socialist progressives. They , in my mind are no longer liberals, but socialists whose ideology drives them to radically change America into their vision of European socialism. To quote Dennis Prager in his article in the NRO article today. “Liberalism believed in creating wealth; the Left is interested in redistributing it. Liberalism believed in a strong defense. The Left believes in cutting defense and relying on a strong United Nations.

3. Democrats should be referred to as Social Democrats.

This is not meant to be cute, let alone a slur. But calling Democrats Social Democrats is an effective way of reminding Americans that there is no longer any difference between what is now known as the Democratic party and the Social Democratic parties of Europe. When the Democratic party returns to its roots as a liberal, not left-wing, party, we will happily resume calling the party by its original name. However, since no Democrat can cite a significant difference between the Democratic party and the SD parties, there is no good reason not to use the more accurate nomenclature” I believe it is time (past time) to rename the political parties from Democrat and Republican to Conservatives and Socialists!

For those of you who have been Democrats all your lives I remind you to compare the way Democrats voted in your youth with the way the present majority of Democrats vote today, and you will find that they have forgotten who elected them and are pursuing more power over your lives instead of passing legislation that will open up opportunities for you and your family to prosper. Are you better off in a “cradle to grave” situation than in a situation where the government allows you to keep more of your money and cuts the red tape regulations that inhibit your progress in you chosen field of endeavor?.


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