Posted by: rotenochsen | March 25, 2010

Now The Shoe Is on The Other Foot

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is warning that some of his Democratic colleagues are being threatened with violence when they go back to their districts — and he wants Republicans to stand up and condemn the threats.

And South Carolina Congressman in an attempt to defuse the anger that the public has for what the Democrats did last Sunday to the American people, had this to say about the alleged treats. “The majority whip, said Democrats and Republicans should continue to speak out on these threats. “Silence gives consent,” 

Hoyer did not bother tp mention that  over the years Republican members of Congress received their fair share of death threats during volatile times. Newt Gingrich after the 1994 Republican revolution and the late Henry Hyde during the Clinton impeachment in 1998 both received numerous death threats. And just last month, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) received death threats after his filibuster of unemployment benefits, according to a report in Roll Call. Not to mention the President Reagan shooting in an attempted assassination and the attempted assassination of President Ford in 1975 in Sacramento, Ca. by “squeaky” Frome in 1975, and the attempt to kill him in San Francisco seventeen days later by Sara Jean Moore outside the St. Francis Hotel. Frome never fired her gun ,but Moore got one shot off and wounded a taxi driver near by Ford!

Perhaps Mr. Hoyer should remind their leader-in-chief, to tone down his rhetoric when he gives speeches demonizing the Health Insurance Industry.

Obama has used the “give ‘em somebody to hate” tactic against the insurance industry. Outrageously displaying behavior unbecoming to the office of the presidency, Mr. Obama, with no holds barred, attempted to make the American people hate, and seek political vengeance against, the insurance industry.

After masterfully portraying them as cruel monsters who only care about profits, President Obama basically said, let’s drag those no good S.O.B insurance companies out and stop them by passing government-run health care. And yes, Obama’s ultimate goal is to drive insurance companies out of business. In an earlier speech, Obama admitted it, while warning that it may take ten years or more to get it done!

Michael Walsh has a piece in Big that mirrors my suspicions about Mr. Hoyers statements. After all the politician in Washington are not above lying to advance their agenda, so this quote from Mr. Walsh is appropriate to finish my blog today.

“Naturally, the media accepts this allegation at face value, and never once stops to question whether the Alinsky Party is, you know, exaggerating or even lying — as the spiritual mentor of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton taught them the following:

The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work”.Saul Akinsky in “Rules for Radicals”



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