Posted by: rotenochsen | April 26, 2010


I would ask the young people of America what makes them believe that Obama’s “hope and change” will benefit them?

The Obama Health Care bill that was just past will not increase the quality of medical care. All it does is increase tens of millions of more people into a system that is already short of nurses and a dwindling number of Physicians who are reaching retirement age or have decide they do not want some government employee telling them how to practice and are planning to leave medical practice.

What this and every other scheme Obama and his sycophants plan for US is add thousands of government workers to the federal payroll and further bloat the retirement load that taxpayers like you will have to pay in twenty or thirty years

The following is an excerpt from an article published in the London Telegraph by a doctor who has experienced the National Health Service in Great Britain for the past 30 years.

He notes that the nurse population is being cut by thousands to reduce the monies paid out by NHS to pay for the salaries and retirement of the 1,5 million government workers that “administer”the NHS. This plus the fact that the NHS has reduced the hours from 30,000 to 6000 for the training of specialty doctors has led to a cadre of  limited educated physicians who do not know anything but the particular specialty that they studied. This has resulted in more consultations with other specialists and a log jam in the referral process. His conclusions are worth any one who is a “young” voter, as it will happen in this country within 20-30 years if this Obama machine is not stopped!

Young voters have a vital role in determining policy at this election. Whereas older voters, employed or often not, will vote for a “free” health service and continuing pensions, the demographic reality is that none of this money is stacked up in a bank account. It will only come from increased taxation on the declining percentage of working, i.e. economically active, people and will directly impinge on education costs and therefore education standards in the next 25 years.

Politicians cannot continue to be economical with the truth. We treat all-comers, from malnourished infants of economic migrants to octogenarians seeking care at the end of a long hard life. We do our best, and we need a rapid clear-out of the non-essential bureaucracy which is slowing patient care and diverting funds needed for the care and cure of sick citizens”.


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