Posted by: rotenochsen | May 19, 2010


The Obama administration is using the disaster in the Gulf as an excuse to bo to his eco-freak supporters and reverse his “decision” to allow off shore drilling in the Atlantic ocean for crude oil.

The latest estimate of 5,000 gallons of crude oil being leaked into the Gulf waters is truly a disaster of unknown proportions, but it is no excuse to allow the Chinese Communists and the Brazilians to fatten their oil reserves in the gulf at our expense.

Whether we like it or not. It is a fact the millions of trucks travel the highways daily to deliver the foods and supplies we rely on to live our lives, and tanks and fighter jets cannot run on batteries or wind power if they are to be effective in battle against our enemies. And there are many reasons why the Obama administration is wrong to turn to green jobs and ignore the oil we have off the shores of both oceans and the gulf not to mention the millions of barrels that are lying under the surface of the lands in the form of oil-sands located in the western states of our Nation.

While we a trying to build an oil free energy grid for America, which I personally think is a pipe dream unless we start building nuclear power plants as they have in European countries like France. The Chinese and the Brazilians are drilling today offshore of Cuba to extract crude oil from the same Gulf of Mexico, and I do not think they give a damn about oil spills!

China is rapidly becoming a super power that is not only drilling in the Gulf, but also in many African countries where they have made deals with the money they generated while they were becoming the largest source of Americans products that are made over seas that once were made in America.

At the same time that China is drilling for oil in the Gulf. The China Petrochemical (aka SINOPEC) has made a 4.65 billion dollar deal with ConocoPhillips for a large stake in the oil-sands producer Syncrude Canada.

China is the fastest growing economy in the world. and they are not hamstrung by America’s new religion,the Ecology Movement. China is on a Global quest for resources to power their economy.While we here in America are letting Obama and his merry band of communists and socialists lead us down the path to economic ruin!

China plowed 32 billion dollars into mining and energy acquisitions last year. Most of the investment was made by PetroChina! We invest in windmills and act like Don Quixote in a fight against those who should be our mortal enemies China and Russia who are energy free of OPEC!

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